Do you notice how messages are shared and enjoy telling stories? Do you think strategically about ways to solve problems? Are you obsessed with social media or the wealth of information technology provides? 

You may be ready for a career in marketing. Marketing is an essential component for all organizations. More than just advertising and sales, marketing revolves around the creation, communication, and promotion of offerings to clients and customers. It combines strategic thinking, knowledge of your audience, and creative bandwidth to help clients solve real-world problems.

A career in marketing can follow several paths: 

  • Content marketing professionals utilize the vast amount of information at their fingertips to share thought leadership and gain leads. 
  • Marketing analysts work for consulting firms and agencies, looking at trends to help businesses bring a new product to market or better understand their clients and prospects. 
  • Project managers take the many moving and often complex parts of a marketing campaign and see them through to completion. 
  • Social media strategists utilize the latest trends to engage audiences and create brand awareness on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, and more. 
  • Marketing directors and chief marketing officers take overall goals and develop them into a companywide strategy to gain new leads and customers, share a brand’s story, and launch new products.

Hired! ̳ marketing graduates are employed by a variety of companies, including:

Hunter Hastings ’24

The best thing about the Offutt School of Business, besides the professors who devote so much to their students and fields of study, is the resources the school has for helping students achieve their goals.

The Offutt School of Business Difference

The marketing concentration program at the Offutt School of Business is hands-on. You’ll learn practical skills, apply your classroom learnings through collaborative projects and network with marketing professionals through internship opportunities.

Courses like accounting, management, finance and more will help you develop a business foundation. This will put you one step ahead in your career search, coupling your marketing experience with essential business competencies and ethical leadership principles. After all, the best marketing strategy works hand in hand with overarching business goals. 

Graduate Success

What about after graduation? Graduates have become directors of marketing and sales, marketing strategists, market analysts, brand managers, directors of analytics and more. Some work at large organizations like Target Corp., 3M, IBM, Microsoft, and Thompson Reuters. Others have joined marketing agencies or used their experience to launch their own startups. Countless Cobber alumni have stayed connected to the college, allowing their experiences to further impact students. For example, Jodi Duncan '90 is a ̳ graduate who is currently the president of Flint Group while teaching a digital marketing course in the Offutt School of Business.

Global, Ethical, Entrepreneurial

Founded on the pillars of transformative leadership, global engagement, ethical decision-making, and an entrepreneurial mindset, the Offutt School of Business is dedicated to sending into society thoughtful and informed business leaders with a strong moral compass. Our students attend classes in a state-of-the-art facility and participate in cutting-edge curriculum that allows them to think critically and network globally.

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