̳ offers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs in the following areas. Explore options by clicking on the links below:

STEM Programs:


Biology   Chemistry/ACS Chemistry/Biochemistry

Clinical Laboratory Science   Computer Science

Data Science   Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Mathematical Finance   Mathematics   Neuroscience

Physics/Astrophysics   Pre-Engineering


Scholarship Opportunities

CLIMB Scholarship

CLIMB is a need-based program made possible by a grant to ̳ from the National Science Foundation (NSF). CLIMB was created in partnership with local biotechnology companies and is open to 12 incoming STEM students annually through Fall 2026 who are interested in careers in biotechnology. The scholarship awards up to $15,000 per year toward the total cost of attendance and includes opportunities for research experiences and paid internships.

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STEM Discovery Scholarship

This need-based scholarship is open to underrepresented students (including, but not limited to, students of color and/or first-generation students) who are passionate about pursuing a STEM-related career. Eight scholarships are available to incoming students each year and awardees receive a $6,500 annual scholarship, as well as opportunities for research and paid internships.

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For more information: Contact Dr. Mark Jensen, director of the CLIMB and STEM Discovery programs.


Dr. Mark B. Jensen

Professor of Chemistry; Director, CLIMB and STEM Discovery Programs Chemistry