Kay Pederson ’24 | Lake Park, Minnesota
Majors: Finance, Business Management

Please tell us about yourself.

I graduate in May 2024 with majors in finance and business with a concentration in management. I transferred to ̳ from MSUM after my freshman year of college. Some of my hobbies include working out, golfing, playing volleyball, and basketball. I enjoy staying busy, so I work several jobs: at the Roadhouse in Cormorant, at Fit Republic in Moorhead, I am a varsity basketball official in the Ottertail Association, and I am a student ambassador on campus.

Where are you from and what high school did you attend?

I am from Lake Park, Minnesota, and I graduated from Lake Park-Audubon High School in 2020.

Why ̳?

I initially filled out my transfer application because I felt a need for change but wasn’t completely sure if I wanted to transfer yet. A few days after I submitted my application, former head women’s golf coach Mo Greiner reached out and asked if I would be interested in golfing at ̳. After meeting with Mo and a few of the current golf players at the time, it seemed like a sign to move to ̳.

How did you decide on your areas of study?

My grandpa was very involved in the business world. I have always been fascinated by the stock market and investing. I figured with a business degree, there are so many opportunities available. The possibilities are endless!

Do you have a favorite course related to finance or business management? If so, why?

My favorite class that I have taken in the Offutt School of Business is Business Law with Bree Langemo. Bree Langemo is such a great professor; I loved the way she taught her class. I also really enjoyed the Money and Banking course that I took as a finance elective. It was interesting to learn more about the banking industry as well as mortgages. I enjoyed that we were learning how to create “tools” that we can use in the real world, such as a mortgage calculator spreadsheet.

What do you like most about taking classes in the Offutt School of Business?

I love the professors and the small class sizes. I believe that the professors at ̳ truly care about you and want to see you succeed. Several professors, such as my academic advisor, have gone out of their way to connect me with individuals in the area to help me gain more opportunities.

What campus activities are you involved in?

Student Ambassador (campus tours)

— Student Athletic Advisory Committee (member)

Cobber Women’s Golf


Intramural Volleyball and Basketball

Orientation Leader (2023)

What’s the best part about playing on the Cobber women’s golf team?

My teammates are easily the best part about playing on the women’s golf team. I couldn’t be surrounded by a more fun group of girls. Being a part of the has been such a great experience because I have been able to make so many new connections and improve my game little by little each season. I am so grateful to have been coached by both Mo Greiner and , who were always supportive and made practice fun!

What have you enjoyed the most about being a student ambassador for ̳?

Meeting prospective students and making new connections. I have had such a wonderful experience being a Cobber. It is an experience I wish for everyone to have. I hope all visiting students feel welcome. When I share with them what it is like to be a Cobber, I always tell the students on my tours that at ̳, “You can be as busy as you want to be.” Since it is a smaller school, you have more of an opportunity to be involved in multiple activities.

I have had such a wonderful experience being a Cobber. It is an experience I wish for everyone to have.

What’s one thing you never imagined you would do before coming to ̳?

That I would go to ̳. Both of my parents are Cobber alumni, so I told myself throughout my high school career that I would never go to ̳ because I needed to go somewhere different from the rest of my family. Now I am a student ambassador, which I also never thought I would do, but it has been such a fun experience.

What do you value most about being a Cobber?

• The people/community — between the students and professors, I have met the best people!

• The experiences —

• The quality of my education — the rigor of the courses

• I love what it means to be a Cobber — the great community, the connections you make, and the opportunities available.

In one word, how would you describe your Cobber experience?

Whirlwind. I can’t believe that this is already my third year at ̳. I feel like I was just moving into the dorms yesterday and, now, here I am graduating.

What do you enjoy about the Fargo-Moorhead area and in what ways are you active in the community?

I love the Fargo-Moorhead area! I always knew that I wanted to go to college in this area because I feel that it is the perfect size community. I enjoy that there are always activities to do and places to go in the area. I stay busy by working at here in Moorhead. It has been a fun job to work during college. In the winter season, I also officiate varsity basketball in the nearby towns. I am a part of the Ottertail Association, and this has been a great way to stay involved in the sport of basketball and make a little extra money.

There are a lot of great workout classes in this area with great student deals! I love to play volleyball, so I also play in the league on Wednesday nights. It is also a blast to go bowling with friends at for Saturday night cyber bowling. There are plenty of great opportunities to stay active/busy in this area.

What advice would you give to a high school student who is considering ̳?

My advice would be that you know what is best for you, so stick to it. It is sad to even say, but some people do not want to see you succeed. So don’t prove them right. Follow your own path, work hard, and make choices that will benefit you. This time will fly by, so surround yourself with good people and enjoy every moment. College is such a great opportunity to branch out and find your path!

How has ̳ prepared you for life after college?

Being a student at ̳ has made me a well-rounded individual. The small campus and liberal arts education have allowed me to take a variety of classes and the opportunity to be involved in many on-campus clubs and activities. It has taught me how to prioritize my time when it comes to school, work, and my social life. I am not worried about finding a career after graduating because I know ̳ has many great connections.

What are your plans following graduation?

After graduation, I will be visiting Germany and Italy for the May Seminar. I recently accepted a position as a financial institution specialist at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in Fargo, which I will begin after I return from the May Seminar. I am excited for my journey after graduation and beyond grateful for this opportunity.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your Cobber experience?

Transferring to ̳ was the best decision I have made. I have met my best friends here at ̳, starting day one in my Transfer Club during Orientation. I love being able to walk around campus and knowing everyone. One of my favorite memories has to be winning this year’s Intramural Volleyball Tournament. And yes, team Blocka Flocka Flame did go undefeated this season.

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Published May 2024