Grants are "gifts" of money – they’re sometimes called "gift assistance" – and do not have to be paid back. Depending on your financial need, you may receive grants through ̳, the State of Minnesota and the federal government. Renewal is based on continued financial need.


Work-study assistance is basically a job on campus or at the America Reads program in Fargo-Moorhead. On-campus jobs and America Reads pay you an hourly wage. You use those wages to pay for your college expenses. All students are eligible to work on campus regardless of financial need.


A loan is just what it sounds like – money that you borrow from a bank or the government and have to pay back. Subsidized loans do not require borrowers to make interest payments while still enrolled in school, while unsubsidized loans do require interest payments. Some loans require an eligible co-signer. Loan repayment typically begins six months after you graduate.