Both financial need-based scholarships and merit-based scholarships are awarded. Renewal of the need-based awards is dependent on continued financial need and academic achievement. Merit-based scholarships include the Presidential Scholarship and music, theatre, and speech scholarships. You may also apply for and receive scholarships from external organizations. Any external awards received must be reported to the Financial Aid Office.

Excellence Scholarship Amounts

Awards are based on EITHER high school GPA or test score – whichever amount is greater. These amounts are for students enrolling at ̳ for the first time in Fall 2024. Excellence Scholarships will be renamed to reflect donor-funded scholarships that align with students’ academic interests.

ACT Score Award Amount High School GPA
>=33 $17,000








26-27 $14,000


24-25 $13,000


22-23 $12,000


<=21 $11,000


Automatic scholarship levels will not be reevaluated after receipt of a comprehensive financial aid package.

Presidential Scholarship

Sponsored by the National Alumni Board, this scholarship is ̳'s most prestigious academic award.

Eligibility is based on high school academic performance or test score. Qualified individuals (requires at least 3.85 GPA or 30 ACT) will receive additional information in late November, including dates and deadlines.

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